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1. is more than 10 times affordable! starts at $39 while starts at just $9 and gives you more for the buck. You can Verify 1000 emails and find upto 500 emails for just $9 with while lets you make only 1000 requests for $39. That’s one way to drastically cut down your costs by choosing as a alternative! Lets see how they compare below.


2. You get more at the same price.

When its time to scale, you know would give you more for the same price, You can Verify 15000 emails and find upto 6000 emails for the price of 39$ with while lets you make only 1000 requests for $39. becomes affordable as you scale.


3. is simpler to use. is made for ease of use. Unlike we focus on what really matters, that's accuracy of emails you wish to find or verify. With this accuracy we also give you option to verify unlimited emails, so you never have to think twice before verifying that email. As a alternative we provide at par results!

With's clean and simple user interface, its very easy to find or verify emails in just few clicks.

1. Email Verify

Quick email verification tool with an option to bulk upload emails.
All plans let you verify unlimited emails.

2. Email Finder

Easy to use email finder with a high accuracy rate and an option to bulk upload emails to find.


4. has Instant Customer Support

Our success is in your success. Our customer success team makes sure you never face any problems, and provides resolutions instantaneously!

No Discrimination!

Same Quick Response for support to customers, doesn’t matter which plan you choose. Our customer success team is just an email away. If you pick us as alternative, we'l make sure you are successful!

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... has helped me close more deals than I could ever have, thanks to the unlimited email verification.

Adam Myres

If you want to cut down your costs while not sacrificing the accuracy, you are at the right place.

Gail Duran

Same open/click rates in our emails at much, much lower prices than other services. Great work

James Prestridge
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