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Here we have a fair comparison between Voila Norbert and mails.wtf to make your decision easier.

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Free Trial Plan 100 monthly credits 5 monthly credits
Most popular plan price $49 for 5,000 credits $75 for 120 credits
Price per email/credit Less Than $0.0001 $0.0625
99% Accurate Emails
Real Time Email Verification
Public Roadmap
Instant Support

Mails.wtf is 100 times more affordable!

Voila Norbert vs mails.wtf

Voila Norbert has its most popular plan at $99/month for 5,000 credits for finding and verifying emails while mails.wtf gives you 18,000 email finding credits and Unlimited Email Verifications for just $9/month. You can also go for the free trial and get twice the number of free credits you get from Voila Norbert. That’s one way to drastically cut down your costs by choosing mails.wtf as a Voila Norbert alternative!

Save more as you Scale!

When its time to scale, you know mails.wtf would give you 100 times more for 10 times lesser the price, You can find 40,000 emails for as low as $79/month. Thats less than $0.0001/successful email.

Easy to Use Interface

Mails.wtf is made for ease of use. Unlike Voila Norbert we focus on what really matters, that's accuracy of emails you wish to find. All the emails we provide are extremely accurate, and will lower the bouces upto 99%. All emails that you recieved are verified with several parameters.

Email Finder

mails.wtf email address finder

Easy to use email finder with a 99% accuracy rate and an option to bulk upload emails to find a lot of emails at once.

Email Verifier

mails.wtf email address verifier

Super Quick email verification tool with an option to bulk upload emails to verify. All paid plans let you verify unlimited emails.

We believe in your Success

Our success is in your success.Our customer success team makes sure you never face any problems, and provides resolutions instantaneously!
No Latency!
Same Quick Response for support to customers, doesn’t matter which plan you choose. Our customer success team is just an email away. If you pick us as Voila Norbert alternative, we'l make sure you are successful in reaching your business goals!

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We hope this was a useful comparison. mails.wtf is a strong Voila Norbert alternative.

Trying new things is not fun for all, but its usually worth it. It will take less than a 50 seconds to start finding emails with mails.wtf.

Find Emails and Verify Emails in seconds.

No Credit Card Required. 120 Monthly Free Credits.

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mails.wtf has helped me close 33% more deals than the competition, while cutting down the costs significantly.

Stephen Greene

As a recruiter, I contact more than 500 candidates per month by email, thanks to mails.wtf!

Lori Flores

Getting someone's email just by their name is a superpower, Pitching to 50+ clients everyday.